The Birth Mother In Her Own Words

28 Aug

In an effort to bring transparency and fairness to the matter, we will feature information in future posts spotlighting the person’s involved. We hope that you’ll weed through it all to make an informed decision about this case.

Today we’d like to bring you the birth mother in her own words.

Some highlights:

Q. And according to you, and I can refresh your memory if you don’t recall, but you told this — this individual with Nightlight that you had not told my client about your plans
to adopt the child.

A. Right.

Q. And the truth is he had no idea you intended to adopt this child, did he?

A. No.

Q. And the first time my client had learned that you had put his child up for adoption was when he was served with the action in January of 2010. Isn’t that true?

A. I don’t know when he found out.

Q. Do you have any knowledge of him knowing that prior to
that date?

A. No.

Q. And the Nightlight, in the Exhibit 4, you also state that my client is a Cherokee, you know he’s a registered member of the Tribe. That’s never been — you always knew that, didn’t you?

A. Yes.

Q. You always made that clear to the birth (error here, should be adoptive) mother and the
birth father, didn’t you?

A. That I’m aware of, yeah.

Q. You told everybody, every agency involved, this child’s father is an Indian. He’s a member of the Cherokee Indian Nation?

A. Yes.

Q. And you knew when you were pregnant or tell me when you knew that my client was going to be deployed to Iraq.

A. Well, I had always known that sooner or later he was going to be. Now, whenever he found the date out, I don’t remember.

Q. You also didn’t know how to spell your fiance’s name?

A. No, I know how to spell it.

Q. According to Nightlight’s investigation and according to the letter that was sent by your attorney, Ms. Zimmerman, to the Nation, his name was spelled with an I,
when in fact he spells Dusten with an E. Isn’t that true?

A. Right.

Information courtesy of the following:


and   from “Carli Sthree” posted on the Haley Hernandez Facebook page.


3 Responses to “The Birth Mother In Her Own Words”

  1. Kay Springsteen August 29, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    To me this has always been a case of a FATHER being denied a relationship with his daughter by her mother. I can only guess at her motives, but one thing is clear. He DID make an effort to support the pregnancy. He actually tried to do the “right thing” and marry his child’s mother. As for him not supporting his child after her birth? He wasn’t allowed to see her. I’ve seen this so many times – a mother who punishes a child’s father by denying access. Since the baby left the state as a newborn in the care of the planned adoptive couple, he COULDN’T see her. Now why would he simply hand money over to her mother when he was denied the right to be in his child’s life by that mother? Did he make mistakes? Yes. But it seems to me that his mistakes were honest, whereas Ms. Maldonado’s mistakes were that she did not cover the trail well enough.

  2. Kim Herrington Gibson October 11, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    You forgot to mention he couldn’t see her or the child if he didn’t even know where they were. That is the main reason he didn’t pay childsupport. He didn’t know exactly when the child was born or anything because the birthmother hid from him. She did this intentionally and lied to the courts! Why aren’t they threatening her with charges and such?

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