The Transfer

28 Aug

On Dec. 31, 2011, Baby Girl was transferred to the physical custody of Dusten Brown per the South Carolina family court’s order.  Much speculation surrounds the details of that transfer.

The adoptive couple’s supporters maintain that no warning was given, Mr. Brown simply swooped in in some truck, with no transition plan and stole her. She was a confused, crying child given up to strangers and shuttled across the country. She’d be sure to be upset and psychologically damaged. It was all done so quickly and under the cover of darkness. They had no chance to prepare.

S.C. proceedings however indicate in fact, they were given time to prepare.  A ruling issued earlier that fall stated that courts had ruled in favor of Mr. Brown and a transfer was imminent. The Capobianco’s, in the very same manner for which they now criticize the biological father, attempted to fight the ruling by filing for a stay. This was a legal gamble on their part, one they should have been aware could cost them further time with the child if they didn’t win.   It seems that continued litigation and legal foot dragging caused the courts to take a firm stand and order the immediate transfer of the child with less than 24 hrs. notice.

Supporters also firmly stand by their statements that no advance notice was given and that media outlets and protesters showed up that night in a rather organic, unorganized fashion, drawn there to bear witness by their broken hearts.  Pages were set up to support the Capobianco’s in their efforts to get her back but supporters insist this wasn’t done until after the transfer and no one from their side asked for any persons or media to show as that would have been further damaging to Veronica.

Media reports though from the time give us a different view and further insight into the transfer.

In an article by the Charleston City Paper, one is given the picture of a distraught couple, standing among the debris left behind by New Year’s Eve revelers, empty handed and tearful in the darkness of night.

And in what would appear to be in direct conflict with supporters claims, Trio Solutions, the company of friend and spokesperson Jessica Munday, issued the following statement in advance of the transfer calling for anyone and everyone to show even if they didn’t personally know this family.


Post from Trio Solutions asking that supporters show up in force to support.

“We are standing behind Melanie Duncan and Matt Capobianco on this very sad day. Today, they have to hand their precious daughter, Veronica Rose, over to her biological father – a man who she has never met, lives in Oklahoma and gave up his parental rights years ago. We have tried to keep this out of the public eye in order to protect the family’s privacy but when the call came this afternoon that they were to lose their child in just a few hours, we decided to share the story in hopes that something could be done…that someone would help. Please visit and be sure to sign the petition. The transfer is scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. today at Charleston Place Hotel. Please come in peaceful support of this family. You don’t have to know them, you just have to come. Thanks to all.”      -Trio Solutions, 12/31/2011

However,video and their own reporting show, Mr. Brown arrived as directed at the designated time and place. He was later forced to relocate the child and move the transfer to his attorney’s office. The media at the behest of Trio Solutions had created a detrimental situation for the child.  Brown’s attorney’s were forced to try to wait out the crowds apparently but in an attempt to thwart their efforts in keeping this as peaceful as possible, reporters staked the location out, waiting for Brown to appear well after dark. While he tried to load everything into the truck, reporters and supporters for the Capobianco’s continued to harass and surround him sticking cameras and microphones into his face while he held Veronica in his arms.  On the sidelines, Matt and Melanie Capobianco continued to give local news stations interviews.

Video of the transfer can be seen here.


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