Grandmother Alice Brown In Her Own Words

1 Sep

As promised, we wanted to bring  you more information in the words of those involved.  Today we feature the words of Alice Brown, paternal grandmother of Baby Girl.

However, before reading, we’d like to advise you of a few things.

  • Native American families in general hold the belief that family, no matter how far extended, are part of a larger family unit.  A typical Indian family unit, meaning those who reside within one household, often includes not just a mother, father and their children but rather can and often does include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This is not done for any financial reasons as one might think. It is done because family, even extended family, is very important to them.  Having one’s family, their food, their culture all together in this way is very meaningful for them.  It is not unusual that they would have a large extended household. Nor is it unusual to not use daycare services. This is because often grandparents also fulfill the role of a parent to some extent, watching the children while a parent is at work.
  • Many Native Americans also report that if they don’t live in the same home as their extended family, then they live on the same property or on the same street or in very, very close proximity to extended family members. Living with one’s parents in context of their lives is a positive as opposed to the way other Americans might view it.
  • Some sections of the documents needed to be redacted. Any information redacted was due to either A. it discussed individuals not related to the case or B. out of courtesy because it is impolite to tell a lady’s age.
  • Custody can either be physical or legal. Physical custody of a child is custody of the body for simplification.  The child would live with their physical custodian. This person has final say on the day to day matters like giving permission for events and visits with friends and schedules.  Legal custody refers to a custodian’s ability to make legal and medical decisions for the child. This person can consent to legal matters and sign for the child. It also refers to an obligation to support the child and the right of the child to inherit from parents or vice versa.  This person can also consent to surgery or other medical procedures.  Parental rights is the term that encompasses both legal and physical custody.  To terminate one’s parental rights, either a court would have to determine a parent was unfit or a person would have to appear in court, in front of a judge and sign away all rights to their child.  One cannot terminate their rights via text, process server, etc. Had Mr. Brown actually terminated or signed away his rights, this hearing wouldn’t have taken place because his case would have been thrown out much earlier on due to lack of legal ground with which to file.
  • Keep in mind when reading this that not everyone understands the law and legal terms. Mrs. Brown tends to use the words ‘custody’ and ‘rights’ interchangeably.  Please forgive the confusion with respect to the wording and try to understand what it is Mrs. Brown is trying to convey overall.

NOTE:  In Birth Mother’s testimony provided earlier, you notice she said she did not spend holidays with the family and did not attend Mr. Brown’s military graduation ceremonies.  Here,  you can read what Mrs. Brown has to say on the issue.

NOTE: Jo Prowell, the guardian ad litem referred to here is also the guardian ad litem the Capobiancos insist is unbiased and is the only GAL Veronica needs. They insist Veronica needs no further representation by either another guardian ad litem or attorney because this woman is representing her in South Carolina matters and they feel she is the most competent to handle all matters…..despite her clearly biased behavior discussed in these documents.

Testimony can be found HERE.


2 Responses to “Grandmother Alice Brown In Her Own Words”

  1. lara/trace September 24, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    So revealing – he thought he signed to the birthmother since he could have been killed in Iraq – that is selfless and honorable. This case has devastated me as an adoptee.


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    […] draw you own conclusions.  Here they are, all that I have today for […]

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