Dusten Brown In His Own Words

3 Sep

We’d imagine the most annoying thing to a dog would be a flea on its ass in that one spot… well, we’re off topic already.  Geez.  Anyway, so the reason we find ourselves posting is because someone just got themselves in a fit and decided to try to beat us to the punch.  You see, we had this schedule all planned. We would post every few days and give you a little more with each post.  And we even had a bet here among authors of this blog.  We wondered how long it would take for the other side to do exactly what they did last night. Last night, someone from the Capobianco camp released what looks to be the cross-examination of Dusten Brown from the 2011 South Carolina family court hearing.  However, you see, in true Capobianco camp fashion, they only released for you the most damning 15 pages, out of context, of what is really more than 60 pages of testimony from Mr. Brown.  They hoped the reader would be so stupid as to just eat that little slice of garbage right up and run as fast as they could to hit the ‘LIKE’ button on their page on Facebook and jump right on into the cesspool of Dusten bashing.  Rather foolish given there are other forums out there eager to call their bluff wouldn’t you say?

We committed when we began publishing to bring you whatever was relevant in this matter no matter how damning. We decided early on we would publish it all no matter how damning.  With the testimony being roughly 700 pages chock full of experts and court procedure, we committed to bringing you the important points albeit a bit more condensed.  We figured our readers wouldn’t necessarily want to weed through all that, bored to tears by tedious stuff so we’d cut it down and bring you the stuff that mattered most. We also decided to only redact information if it were about other persons not party to litigation.

We were honestly even hoping to move on to ‘Drunk Driving’ week but, well, fleas are impatient little buggers.

So as usual, let us point out a few things before you read….

  • According to court records, at this point in time, Dusten’s salary is roughly $20k annually.  In the last year, he’s paid more than $20k in attorney’s fees. He’s caught up on some of his child support. He’s purchased new furniture for Baby Girl’s room along with clothes and toys. He’s paid for attorneys in the Oklahoma case prior to this case.  Now he’s probably had the help of family because his does seem to be a close-knit family but regardless, by our count, in one year he’s probably had to pay far more than his annual salary thereby proving his certain commitment to Baby Girl.
  • You can see, as was the case with Mrs. Brown, that Dusten Brown may not have legal knowledge with respect to terminology and the terms ‘custody’ and ‘rights’.  He uses the terms interchangeably.  However, he does seem honest to a fault.  He uses the terms ‘sign my rights’ which would lead one to believe he intended to sign away his parental rights to this child but we ask that you look at intent. He does explain in several sections that to him that meant signing custody over to Ms. Maldonado and even notes he hopes that will appease her and they will reunite and marry.  As we’ve also seen in Mrs. Brown’s testimony posted earlier, Dusten Brown hopes even at this late date, albeit probably naively, that he can still somehow get back together with Ms. Maldonado even as this trial is taking place.
  • Brown did in fact offer support in the pregnancy which was rebuffed by birth mother. Birth mother created an artificial abandonment scenario by refusing any support or contact from Mr. Brown.
  • Brown did make inquiries as to the health and welfare of both Ms. Maldonado and Baby Girl but was again rebuffed.  He even went so far as to have friends inquire for him.  His mother, Mrs. Brown admits in her testimony she too attempted contact. At that point, Dusten Brown’s only options would have been to force his presence upon Ms. Maldonado.  We can only guess had he done that, we’d be witnessing a much different scenario now as Mr. Brown would be facing any number of harassment and stalking charges.
  • Brown made many inquiries of his commanding officers seeking advice including on Baby Girl’s dependency eligibility early on.  There is no requirement of pre-birth child support so he couldn’t have paid that at that point. As for any support paid to the Capobiancos for Baby Girl, that is best explained this way…. In adoptions of this nature, an adoptive couple would normally be advised not to accept any support from a biological parent as it may give the impression the parent is paying support for what is their child.  Legally they do not want this child seen as someone else’s but as available for adoption with no support.  Adoptive couples would not want to give the impression they are acknowledging by accepting money that this is another person’s child. They would be advised to not accept any funds.  And Mr. Brown, as you see he mentions here, has sent funds to the Capobiancos for support. He mentions a ‘trust fund’. However, what he incorrectly understood that to be and what it is are two different matters. What this really refers to is that the Capobiancos attorneys most likely put all funds into a trust account to be set aside and held pending the outcome of this trial so they wouldn’t be seen as accepting child support.
  • And lastly, as we speculated in earlier posts and as evidenced by other court documents, Mr. Brown’s only reasoning for not bringing up his Native heritage sooner was that he was rushed to file in this matter before deployment. The opposition would like to think that because he doesn’t wear a sign and carry a tomahawk, that his Indian heritage is not important to him.  We challenge you to show us any German who wears the same sign, who would carry a beer stein everywhere. Or an Irishman who carries the same sign who speaks as if he just jumped out of the Lucky Charms box. Because while our example are stereotypical and rude, this is exactly the logic they use. They assume that because Mr. Brown doesn’t fit their stereotype, he is not Indian enough for them.  Many Indians will tell you and it’s been mentioned ad nauseam  that the transfer of culture from one generation to another occurs in the stories told and the foods eaten and the small, day-to-day exchanges unconsciously that matter.  One would not announce to their children while in full Native regalia “CHILDREN, COME, GATHER.  I INTEND TO TEACH YOU YOUR CULTURE TODAY FROM 4-6 PM WHILE WE TAKE PICTURES TO DOCUMENT THIS OCCASION.”

Note: The only testimony with respect to Mr. Brown not included here is by Mr. Lowndes (attorney for the Guardian Ad Litem) and the reason for this was simply brevity and because it was repetitive of the cross by Mr. Godwin.

Side Note: The blog putting this out uses the Tsalagi or Cherokee word “GIGESDI” meaning purple. We commend them for coming out of their hole to learn a new word in Baby Girl’s native language. However, simply learning a new word does not mean they have any concern for Baby Girl’s heritage.

Testimony can be found here.


5 Responses to “Dusten Brown In His Own Words”

  1. Tracy September 4, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    Tease me with “Drunk Driving Week”… pretty please, with sugar on top?

  2. Tracy September 4, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    Please, right now would be a really good time to have drunk driving week feature…. Please

  3. Anonymous September 7, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    Where is the transcript of the adoptive couple? I would like to read that.

  4. Elizabeth Murray September 20, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    You’re forgetting one thing. Veronica’s native language and mother tongue is English. Cherokee, while an important language to learn, would be a secondary language–as it is not the common tongue used in her day to day life.

    • acvsbg September 22, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

      Elizabeth, we don’t know what your level of cultural understanding is with respect to Native American or Cherokee cultures but the Cherokee are one of the larger tribes. They have an immersion school there for primary grades and their own high school. Their children speak Tsalagi amongst one another at school. Their language is being preserved. Many of the children have language apps on their devices, are able to use written Tsalagi and have many opportunities to speak the language too. Their community does use the language a great deal. I personally have seen many here on social media who use written Tsalagi exclusively so Veronica is being exposed to her culture. She is being taught and would be using it day to day.

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