The House That Bought Likes Built

11 Oct

As a skeptic, one would think they’d just about seen it all and that almost nothing could hold any real shock value anymore.  …And then one turns their attention back to the ‘Baby Veronica’ saga.

By now the intentional misrepresentation of this case by the Capobianco camp comes as no surprise to most but there are just so many details that still keep rising to the surface of the muck that has been their adoption campaign.

In surfing the web the other day, we noticed Facebook had added a feature. WHEN that was added we don’t know but it caught our eye. We knew rumors were rampant regarding the Capobianco’s page (Save Veronica Rose) and their ‘buying likes’.  What is ‘buying likes’ you ask.  For those who run pages on social media sites, the number of people who like a page speaks to the page’s popularity and reach.  And in much the same way the latest craze catches on, if one sees that their friends or a lot of people like something, they want to be part of that, they want to like it too and see what it’s about. So as a page administrator the more likes you have, the more likes you attract.  To have very few likes is almost the kiss of death to a page on Facebook. So a page administrator can go to any number of services that will net you hundreds or thousands of likes for a fee. Now these ‘likes’ though will usually come from fake accounts and from foreign countries (that being the dead giveaway).

So as we surfed the net, as we said, we noticed this feature and there it was……


the dead giveaway. You see, we’d been led to believe that the public at large supported the Capobiancos in their fight for Veronica.  And those who supported Brown in this often wondered what others saw that maybe they weren’t seeing.  In their minds, they knew the thought of taking this child from her biological parents and giving her to some adoptive couple simply because that couple felt they wanted her more was just reprehensible.

And as the weeks wore on, the pages seemed to be neck and neck in the race to ‘save’ Veronica. With the Save Veronica Rose page having opened in December of 2011 and the Standing Our Ground For Veronica Brown page only having opened in July 2013, it seemed the SOG page would soon surpass the SVR page. But every time, right as that seemed inevitable, the number of likes on SVR would suddenly shoot through the roof again.  And as one attentive follower said, “their likes seemed to come in at odd hours of the night and from some pretty odd names.”

And come to find out, it WAS all a sham. There weren’t thousands of people who liked their page and agreed with their views. There were just plenty of fake profiles and bought numbers who boosted their ranks.

If their ‘likes’ had been authentic, their most popular city likely would have been Charleston, SC seeing that is where the Capobiancos are from and where their support base originated.  You see this is true when you then compare their info to the SOG page supporting Brown whose support base came primarily from his home state of Oklahoma and from Native Americans.  Their most popular city then was Tulsa, OK as would be expected. But Istanbul? Could that even possibly be real? A quick search of the topic of Baby Veronica doesn’t even return results in Istanbul. One can see articles about vacationing there or car seats for babies in Istanbul taxis and other equally mundane topics but this case never even dotted the radar there making the fact that it’s the SVR page’s most popular city even more ridiculous.


It really makes one wonder, if they lied about this, and they lied about so much of this story, then what else were we lied to about?

We were told they’d adopted this girl and Brown, who’d abandoned her even before birth was using some technicality to get her back. We were told he’d waited two years to even step forward. Well, we now know from Judge Malphrus’ ruling in 2011 that Brown was never found to have abandoned his daughter.  We also know that until it was just recently finalized, they’d never even adopted her, that they were only attempting to adopt her. We know Veronica was placed with them by Maldonado, her bio mother,  and they had been warned she was an at risk placement meaning they knew their adoption may well never go through if the birth father stepped forward. We know Brown was never told where his daughter was. We know he stepped forward to get custody of her the moment he knew of the adoption and her whereabouts. (One can read of more inconsistencies here and here.)

But it leads us to wonder, if one builds their foundation on lies, builds up a house of cards if you will, can they really prevail? We’d all like to think ideally that justice will prevail in the end but was that the case here? Or, with the foundation of this all being lies backed by loads of money and lifted off the ground by a woman who was rather savvy with marketing, further bolstered by political ties and helped along by the couple’s socioeconomic and racial background, was this a losing battle for Brown and his supporters from the start? Can one really buy their way through life?

The answer is yes.  An attorney best summed the problem up with ‘Truth is irrelevant. He who has the better story wins.’

Many couples wait years to adopt. Many still aren’t successful and find themselves having had several adoptions ‘fall through’. And many similar cases wait months if not years between hearings to determine their fate. But not the Capobiancos. No sir! They netted a baby on the first try (IVF attempts excluded and speaking strictly on adoption). They were given front row seats to her birth, a moment Maldonado denied Brown.  The ICPC approval was rushed right through allowing them to take her home. They didn’t worry about those pesky details like if her father spent sleepless nights wondering about her or not. And then when he came calling for his child, they bought the best defense money could buy. They chipped away at laws protecting endangered cultures and minorities. They even looked good doing it claiming they were wanting equal rights for all in adoptionland rather than saying they were simply trying to open up yet another market for adoptable children. They got a pretty good deal as these things go too. They were able to buy themselves the attention of a couple of the Supreme Court justices by retaining those attorneys who were on an elbow-rubbing basis with the justices.

So where does all that leave us now? Where that leaves us now is that the Capobiancos have been successful at destroying Native protections, in destroying any idea of fairness we had left, of destroying any notion of justice we had left and any faith we had in our justice system. It’s shown other couples they too can do the same, they too can have their pick of the litter regardless of whether or not the bio parents want to keep their children for themselves.  In fact, they’ve destroyed the idea that a bio parent has a right to raise their own child. They’ve drawn up the blueprint for cases to come.  And while some may say that is exaggerating things a bit, I’d challenge them.  One need only to look to the case of Baby Deserai to see how accurate that statement is. With an Oklahoma ruling already in place calling for Desirai’s return, the 60’s something Bixlers of SC refuse to return her. They’ve continued to move forward with their adoption there despite a loving biological family who want her and despite the fraudulent nature by which they obtained her.  Soon the state of South Carolina will begin to throw their weight around and they’ll claim they’re the only authority with regard to her case as well.

For more on the Baby Desirai case, go to

UPDATE: These people change faster than we can keep up with. After reporting their bought likes here, immediately their page changed to this….


We can’t explain how they made the sudden change but we’ve noted it regardless. However, we’ve also noticed that the number of people talking about their page went down as well. There has certainly been some fast doctoring happening. Maybe Mr. Caricofe has been able to show them a few tricks given he is the resident computer guru there at Munday’s Trio Solutions. Or it could simply be that they’ve changed the home city on most of the fake accounts liking the page to Charleston, South Carolina.

17 Responses to “The House That Bought Likes Built”

  1. DOCMO October 11, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Thank you for this wonderful analysis.

    I was following the “Like” trend and did notice unexplainable spikes in the SVR page. Uncovering this truth about bought likes (from Istanbul of all places) is the “Aha” that I knew had to be hiding somewhere. The level of malfeasance and win-by-all-means mentality that this couple showed is disheartening. (I would say unbelievable, but having seen with my own eyes, sadly, nothing is unbelievable when it comes to money, politics, courts, and cronyism). Watching DB on the press conference was sad beyond measure.

    Are we really here? Is there really anything that can be done when fighting against a system where we don’t have the equipment, and in many cases, don’t know the rules? They’re playing for keeps. They’re getting what they want at all costs. In the end, we can scream, but will anybody hear?

    Keep writing, uncovering truth, and fighting for change!

  2. Anonymous October 11, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    I am waiting for the true Capo’s story to come out. We have seen a trail of lies and wrongdoings but I don’t think any of us even have a clue as to everything underhanded this couple did to win their prize. We have all learned that the truth does NOT always prevail however it does ALWAYS come to light and eventually everyone will know how truly immoral these people are. When everything comes to light, even their own supporters will turn on them. Thank you for continuing to write about this case. Thank you for continuing to bring the misconceptions to light!

  3. Kevin O. October 11, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    Great job! Here’s some more info I found:

    Nightlight Christian Adoptions has been the subject of at least two investigative articles by The Charleston Post and Courier where they looked at Nightlight in Greenville and attorney Raymond Godwin. Just go to and search Nightlight Christian Adoptions and look for “The Price of Adoption” on Sept 21 and “Attorney Says Oklahoma Tribe Never Expressed Interest Before Infant’s Birth” on Sept 14. Raymond’s wife Laura Beauvais-Godwin heads the Nightlight offices in Greenville SC. Both Nightlight and Godwin’s law offices share the same building address at 1527 Wade Hampton Blvd in Greenville, SC 29609.

    The P&C article gives this quote:

    “But the larger issue, according to skeptics, is the allegation that some birth mothers, agencies and attorneys conceal adoptions and prevent birth fathers from asserting parental rights… Desaray’s case could be the first one that tests that precedent.”

  4. Kay Springsteen October 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

    Sadly more lies and proof of lies. We already knew they lied from the start but as the lies add up, it just breaks the heart for the little girl and her rightful parents.

  5. Dana October 11, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    I also wonder whether Christy Maldonado’s public behavior comes from the Capobiancos having threatened her with no more visits to Veronica. She sounded very uneducated about the ICWA in her original SC court testimony and now all of a sudden she’s very well-informed and determined to change or revoke the law.

    If them threatening her with no more visits wasn’t enough (and it may not have been; she hasn’t exactly gone out of her way to see her daughter, as one of her visits coincided with her having to appear in court), perhaps they threatened that she would owe them back all that money they most likely spent on her, given that her bills were caught up and she was seen in a new SUV.

    When I heard Dusten’s news conference was pending I ran across some scuttlebutt from a SC blogger saying he’d heard from the Brown camp and that it had been implied that the charges and lawsuit might be dropped and he might be allowed to visit Veronica. If that’s true… then there’s a basis for what I’m saying about Maldonado. I strongly feel that given how easy it is to trace her background and her track record with her two older kids, that she’d have faded into the woodwork and hoped for obscurity if it’d really been up to her.

    • acvsbg October 11, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

      You are correct. Miss Maldonado was not well spoken in the beginning yet as things progressed, by the time her statement appeared in the Washington Post, you’d have thought she was an Ivy League scholar. And she has tried to fade to obscurity. It seems to only have been where she was needed to testify or appear for publicity purposes that she’s come out.

    • Shannon Parks October 11, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

      I have always assumed that Ms Moldonado’s continued support of the adoption was to protect herself from having to pay back the money she had been given when the C’s bought Veronica. I’m sure a lawsuit would have been in her future if she changed her tune and supported Mr. Brown.

  6. Jsp October 11, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    I just want to commend you for sticking to your guns and not backing down in continuing to bring to light all the deceit, fraud, and lies regarding the C’s and their backers. Even after someone (from what I read from you) obviously “told” on you regarding your page pictures, which I find to be a despicable move on their part. Then again, I find everything they have done and said to be despicable, immoral, and unethical. I very much admire people like you. I knew nothing regarding adoption or adoptees before hearing about this case a few months ago. I have learned so much from so many people. I have read so many stories from adoptees and every single one of them just breaks my heart. I have a young son so I am thankful to have gotten educated on so much by following this case. Thank YOU.

    • acvsbg October 11, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

      Thank you. However, I think you have us mixed up with another blog who’s pictures were reported. We have committed to speaking out on this issue though.

  7. Linda Smith October 12, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    The C’s got what they paid for so they are done with Christy, which she will soon find out. These people are pure evil.

  8. Anne October 12, 2013 at 9:39 am #

    I have just been sick about the outcome of this case. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dusten and little Veronica.

  9. Harvest McCampbell October 12, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Is there a way to report them to facebook, since buying likes seems to be against facebook’s policy? Or does facebook tacitly allow the buying of likes while it looks the other way?

  10. Mary Ruoff October 12, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Thank you so much for covering this, I hope you continue to. Your Oct. 11 blog is right on in so many ways, and the way things were stacked against Dusten Is OUTRAGOUS. But I urge all to fight the depressing results and strive to hope and work for truth to out. Below is a link to a petition asking OK and the US Attorney General to investigate this case. I am wondering if an investigation could somehow lead to the case being overturned, and Veronica returned, but in any case an investigation is needed. I read somewhere that the lawsuit needed to be dropped for an investigation to occur–but the reasoning wasn’t given, not sure if that’s correct, but it’s something to take note of. Also, on Nov. 13 the president hosts the White House Tribal Nations Conference–and I believe this case will be brought up, and in any case we should be pushing for that. Despite the horrible media coverage that has kept many misinformed, Dusten has a growing, diverse base of supporters–it seems just from being on his Facebook page that its 13,000 followers has doubled since his daughter was returned. In any case the figure has grown steadily and more rapidly since that action. I recently saw a documentary on the abolition movement–they had many setbacks, downturns and even disputes within their own ranks before prevailing. Please sign and forward this petition:

  11. zoozig aka lorraine dusky October 12, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Wow! thank you for uncovering the truth about the “likes” on their page that I found so infuriating. i kept encouraging our readers to “like” the Standing Our Ground page but we could never catch up.

    Istanbul? That means that the whole thing was a sham. Shame sham on Facebook, and as for Capobiancos, I have run out of words for their disgusting actions. They wanted what they wanted–Veronica–and nothing else mattered to them–not her mental health, not her real father, not what was what morally just. They–and Christy Maldonado, Veronica’s mother–gave adoption a truly bad name.

  12. Jsp October 16, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    A certain P/R firm owner has tweeted that the SVR likes have not been bought. It is kinda strange that all of a sudden it does not show “Istanbul” anymore; but shows Summerville, SC now…a little coincidental huh?

    • HelenTy October 27, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

      Jsp– Could this be Jessica Munday at Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC? Munday and her crew of Jennifer Cherock and Brad Caricofe launched a vicious campaign to smear the name of Veronica’s biological father. (Funny, but Bradley Caricofe shouted Dusten’s arrest records all over the web but Brad himself never mentioned two arrests under Bradley Caricofe’s name?)

      Munday’s team paraded the Baby Veronica case all over national television and Dr Phil as well. Munday’s clients include the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital and MST Services in SC, which Veronica’s adoptive mother Melanie Capobianco (employed as Melanie Duncan) works with violent juvenile offenders. This is terribly ironic. If Munday and Trio Solutions and Melanie Capobianco are so concerned about Veronica’s welfare and claim to be supportive of children’s services, then they have placed this young child at the center of a media circus.

      Let’s not forget that Munday’s Trio Solutions also helped out with an event for the African American Historical Alliance. Now what would happen if Munday supported a white couple who wanted to adopt a black child against the bio mom’s wishes? Would Trio Solutions not be accused of racism?

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